There are numerous ideas as to why Good Friday is observed to commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross.

According to one school of thinking, Good Friday comes from the words “God’s Friday,” while another interprets “good” to mean “holy.”

Good Friday
Good Friday

According to another perspective, despite the horrors Jesus faced that day, the incident ultimately signifies an act of love and is one of Christianity’s basic and most beloved themes: that Jesus died to pay the price for humanity’s sins.

The day is known as Great Friday by many Orthodox Christians. Black Friday, Sorrowful Friday, and Long Friday are all names for the day.

Good Friday is one of the oldest Christian celebrations, according to some sources, having been observed since 100 CE.

During the early years of its practice, it was linked to fasting, and by the fourth century CE, it was linked to the crucifixion.

The ecclesiastical estimate of the March equinox determines the Easter date.

Can you Take a Shower on Good Friday?

There are several ideologies about taking a bath on Good Friday. It is a superstitious belief that has no religious bearing, according to the masses.

On the other hand, Dal Arceo, aged 76, of Barangay Pulangbato, Cebu City opined that it is not good to take a shower on Good Friday simply because when one dies, water comes out of the body.

He is also bemoaned working on Good Friday because people need to devote their time to reflect on the Passion of Christ.


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