American football team the Dallas Cowboys are situated in the DFW metroplex, Texas. Members of the NFL’s National Football Conference East division, the Dallas Cowboys compete in the league. It’s not uncommon for tight ends to play both wide receiver and offensive lineman duties on the same team.

They line up on the offensive line like offensive linemen and can be effective blockers due to their size.

Here is a List of the top 5 Dallas Cowboys Best Tight Ends Players Of All-Time

1. Jason Witten

Witten spent 15 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, becoming the team’s all-time leading receiver and setting marks for most games played and most consecutive games played. Jason Witten is best described by the terms “constant” and “reliable,” but there are many others.

As well as being a great blocker, he was also a clutch receiver. Despite the fact that he is unquestionably the greatest tight end in Dallas Cowboys history, he is also a contender for the title of the greatest tight end in NFL history.

2 .Jay Novacek

Only six seasons were Jay Novacek’s with the Dallas Cowboys, but he won five Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro honors in that time. Novacek was a good blocker, but he was also one of the best tight ends in franchise history at receiving.

3. Billy Joe Dupree

After being selected in the first round, Billy Joe Dupree took over as the team’s starting quarterback. He was one of the top tight ends in the league at the time the Dallas Cowboys were known as “America’s team” because of his ability to block and catch the ball.

With the Dallas Cowboys, Dupree made the Pro Bowl four times and owned the franchise record for receiving touchdowns by a tight end when he retired.

4. Doug Cosbie

On the roster of the Dallas Cowboys, Cosbie was selected in the draft. From 1983 to 1985, Cosbie was selected to the Pro Bowl three times in a row after earning the starting role and rapidly establishing himself as one of the league’s greatest receiving Tight Ends.

5. Pettis Norman

Pettis Norman was the first of many great tight ends to wear the blue star for the Dallas Cowboys over the team’s glorious history. As an undrafted free agent, Norman signed with the Cowboys and went on to have a long and successful career with the team.

As one of the longest-serving starters in franchise history, he was a great blocker.


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