American football team the Dallas Cowboys are based in the DFW metroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth The Dallas Cowboys are a National Football League franchise that plays in the NFC East division.

It’s not uncommon for professional sports organizations to have their own unique definitions of what constitutes a “win.” To the Dallas Cowboys, it’s always been or bust when it comes to winning the Super Bowl. Certainly, that was the case in 2021, making their early playoff elimination all the more depressing.

Here is a list of The Top 10 Dallas Cowboys For The 2021 Season

1. Dak Prescott

Following the ankle surgery and rehabilitation, Prescott was so impressive that we almost forgot about the supposedly controversial healing process. We almost forgot about his ankle surgery and rehab while watching him.

2. Zack Martin

There is no doubt that Cowboys’ offensive lineman Zack Martin is one of the league’s very best players. Since being picked by Dallas in the first round in 2014, he has been a five-time First-Team All-Pro and seven-time Pro Bowler. Future Hall of Famer was the only bright spot on the offensive line for 2021 and should be for years to come as well

3. Trevon Diggs

With his current pace, Diggs might break the Cowboys’ season-high for interceptions and even flirt with the NFL record of 14 interceptions, making him a strong contender for Defensive Player of the Year honors.

The two individuals ahead of him, though, have been much better, so he’s just third. Nonetheless, let’s not forget what Diggs has accomplished in just six games. Every game, he’s intercepted a pass, and he’s doing it when it matters. In the second half, six of his seven interceptions had occurred.

4. Randy Gregory

With so many distinct facets to Randy Gregory’s life narrative, his 2021 chapter stands out as perhaps the most thrilling. When DeMarcus Lawrence and Dorance Armstrong were injured, Gregory stepped up and became a major contributor to the team.

As a bull-rusher, Gregory is demonstrating that he’s capable of more than just rushing the quarterback at high speeds. As an unrestricted free agent at year’s end, it feels like every play Gregory makes increases the price tag for the Dallas Cowboys.

5. Ezekiel Elliott

In the offseason, Ezekiel Elliott was hammered with criticism. Zeke has called the previous season “unacceptable” in his own words. At least he came out in 2021 with something to prove, which is a commendable achievement.

Zeke is leaner, faster, and more elusive than ever before, but he still has the same amount of strength behind him. He’s leading the team in touchdowns with six, and there haven’t been any fumbles.

6. Tyron Smith

If he hadn’t been penalized twice against the Patriots last week, Tyron Smith would have ranked higher on this list. Despite this, Smith has maintained a commanding lead. Although Smith was forced to exit last week’s game due to an ankle injury, he still played with a neck condition.

Even so, he made it back in time to assist the offense on the game’s final two drive for goals. Smith has a good chance of making the Pro Bowl again if he stays healthy.

7. CeeDee Lamb

After a few games in the regular season, we saw what we saw at training camp, which was practically a spectacular catch every day. Lamb had the best game of his career, including a game-winning touchdown reception, after a rocky start. Besides yards and catches, Lamb also has the most touchdown receptions for the Cowboys.

8. Micah Parsons

The Cowboys got a lot more than they bargained for in Parsons. It’s safe to assume NFL teams wouldn’t have selected him at No. 12 if they felt he could pressure the quarterback from the edge.

The most impressive aspect of Parsons’ game isn’t simply his versatility, but also the fact that he did it as a rookie in only six games at different positions.

9. Amari Cooper

Cooper’s recent performances have made it evident that he isn’t at his best. He’s overcome injuries to his ribs and hamstrings, as well as a few others.

Cooper, on the other hand, is able to make crucial interceptions for his side. To win against the Chargers, he did it in overtime against the Patriots, and he also had a crucial reception late in the game.

Cooper’s 62.1 yards per game might not be enough for fantasy owners, but if he can get back to full health in the bye week, he could be set for another huge season-ending run.

10. Jayron Kearse

Another player that appeared out of nowhere, but it appears to be a recurring theme, is Kearse. Because he didn’t get a lot of playing time in training camp, this guy might be the biggest surprise on the squad.

Kearse, on the other hand, has suddenly become a crucial part of this defense once Dan Quinn figured out how to use him.

As a linebacker, a safety, and a tight-end eraser, he has had a variety of roles on the field. After six games, he’s tied for second on the team with 35 tackles.


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