Joe Maddon, otherwise called Joseph John Maddon, is the baseball supervisor for the Los Angeles Angels, and he recently dealt with the Chicago Cubs and the Tampa Bay Rays. Joe started his instructing profession in 1994 and has been in the baseball world for quite a long while at this point.

All through his vocation, the popular chief has amassed a huge measure of abundance and distinction.

The effective manager additionally has a marital life. He partakes in an exquisite conjugal existence with Jaye Sousoures. In this way, normally, individuals who have any familiarity with him are interested to find out with regards to her and her whereabouts.

Did Joe Maddon Ever Divorce?

Yes, Joe Maddon divorced his first wife, Bette Stanton.

Who Is Joe Maddon’s Ex-Wife?

Joe Maddon and his first wife, Bette Stanton parted ways Bette Stanton even though the former is now a married man again. Joe and Jaye frist met at the Rossmoor Athletic Club in Seal Beach, California. There, she worked in accounting, and he was a bench coach for the Los Angeles Angels.

Joe was hitched to Bette Stanton, and Jaye also was married to another man. Subsequent to realizing that Jaye and her dearest companion, Erin-Lee Anderson, were baseball-frenzied ladies, he left game tickets for the game. They became companions in the wake of meeting interestingly.

Years after the fact, after their marriage with their particular accomplices separated, their companionship bloomed into sentiment. Besides, their common interest in sports, quick vehicles, and cutting edge toys additionally upgraded their romantic tale. The pair had started dating when she was at Western State University.

They needed to do a significant distance thing, and they made a fourteen day rule. As indicated by the standard, the couple possessed to make energy for one another something like two times each month in their Southern California base. Their sentiment bloomed, and things quit fooling around after the lovebirds chose to meet their particular relatives.


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