With the return of its recognizable and colorful Happy Meal pails, McDonald’s has declared its participation in the Halloween season.

The McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin are available starting Tuesday in the US for a short period after some online and social media hoopla over the nostalgic Halloween buckets.


The reusable, collectible pails that initially appeared in 1986 would return, McDonald’s announced in a press release earlier this month.

From October 18 to Halloween, participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country will sell the vintage Happy Meal while supplies last.

McDonald’s revealed five fan-inspired ideas for reusing the Halloween Pails after the meal is finished, from repurposing them to pot plants to using them as festive decorations. McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin are three different types of pails that each include a unique assortment of nasty, eccentric people.

While supplies last, the buckets, which may also be used as a child’s trick-or-treat bag, will be offered at participating McDonald’s from October 18 to October 31.

According to a statement from McDonald’s, the Halloween pails also include skeleton stickers so that customers can customize their pail with macabre graphics.

Not just McDonald’s is attempting to entice customers with spooky season offerings. For a brief period, Burger King has added a Ghost Pepper Whopper to its menu. The burger comes on a toasted bun with orange and black sesame seeds, spicy queso, crispy jalapenos, bacon, and ghost pepper cheese.

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