Kirill Tereshin, aka the Synthol Kid, has long been the focus of attention due to his strange and alarming physical alterations.

Kirill Tereshin
Kirill Tereshin

As a result of his choices, he now finds himself in a situation where he may have to fight for his life. Tereshin has long been a poster child for bigorexia, believing that he must be bigger at all times.

Unlike others who train hard in the gym, he chose to inject massive amounts of Synthol, which is effectively petroleum jelly, into his arms, giving them a comically large appearance.

As a result of this, he’s had a number of health problems over the years, including two surgeries to drain his arms and remove his false triceps.

After having the remainder of his surgery to remove the implants postponed owing to the pandemic, his surgeon now warns him that if he does not remove the Synthol soon, he would die.

Does Kirill Tereshin Have A Girlfriend?

Kirill Tereshin aside from having a bad time in his life is engaged to blogger Victoria Yakynina.

Who Is Kirill Tereshin Girlfriend?

Kirill Tereshin claimed he had a shattered heart and chose to shave off his brows since he had heard it is what ladies seek.

Surprisingly, it seemed to work, and he announced two weeks ago that he was settling down with Yakynina.”This is me with my bride-to-be,” he captioned a photo of the couple he shared with his 500,000 Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, Yakynina shared three photos with her 195,000 Instagram followers showing her trying on bridal gowns. The lovely brunette remained mum on the subject, preferring to stay quiet about her engagement to Tereshin, 22.


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