When Kirill Tereshin was 20 years old when he began injecting himself with petroleum jelly. With a burgeoning career as an MMA fighter and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers under the handle “Bazooka Hands,” the former soldier has become a global sensation.

Kirill Tereshin
The 25-year-old, Kirill Tereshin, injected petroleum jelly into his arms, with the absurd aim of increasing his biceps.

He did, however, get grave warnings two years ago to remove the chemical. Doctors say he put three liters of Synthol oil into each arm, which hardened and was actively cutting off blood supply to his muscles, which were already withering beneath his skin.

Tereshin was warned by doctors to have at least three surgeries to remove it or risk amputation and death. The first two procedures went successfully, removing around 25% of the scar tissue, dead muscle, and jelly, but the COVID-19 pandemic is putting additional surgeries off dangerously.

Kirill Tereshin got all he wanted from the injections at first. The 20-year-old suddenly had arms that measured 24 inches across the biceps.

While the bodybuilder and MMA fighter felt the injections would provide him an advantage during his military service, Synthoil oil is only used for cosmetic purposes, and injecting it does not strengthen the muscles. Instead, the oil, benzyl alcohol, and lidocaine in the mixture weakens them by damaging tissue.


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