Kirill Tereshin is a Russian bodybuilder who consequently said he had suffered from a broken heart and confessed to followers that he had been going through a frustrating spell in the lovemaking department.

Kirill Tereshin
Kirill Tereshin

After receiving injections of “Synthol,” a mixture containing oil, painkillers, and alcohol, the bodybuilder developed extraordinary 24-inch biceps.

Some guys inject it into their bodies to give them a super-muscled appearance. However, it can cause a slew of issues, including infections, nerve damage, cysts, muscle ulcers, and even a stroke.

“This is an average razor,” the quirky bodybuilder explains to anyone unfamiliar with the bladed equipment.

“Brows are gone, the girls are all mine now!” he says after a few moments of removing his brows.

Despite his words, it’s unclear whether Yakynina was drawn to him because of his shaved brows.

Kirill Tereshin Arms: Have Kirill Tereshin Arms Exploded?

Kirill Tereshin had to withdraw from a fight after his characteristic arms exploded during the fight.

Kirill Tereshin, a 25-year-old Pyatigorsk resident, posted clips of the horrific injuries to YouTube last Saturday under the moniker “Bazooka Hands.”

Kirill rose to fame online over the past few years, sharing pictures of his freakishly big upper arms that look completely out of place on his skinny physique.


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