Kirill Tereshin Biography

Kirill Tereshin is a well-known Russian bodybuilder who used to be a soldier. He is known for being a controversial bodybuilder who injected Synthol oil into his biceps. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Kirill Tereshin
Kirill Tereshin

Tereshin has not revealed his educational background, although, given the nature of his profession as a former Russian soldier, he may have obtained sufficient training in his field.

Tereshin was born and reared in Russia by his parents. We were unable to learn more about his family due to a lack of information.

Kirill Tereshin Real Age

Tereshin was born Ruki Bazuki on August 6, 1996, in Russia, and will be 26 years old in 2022. Every year on August 6, he celebrates his birthday.

Kirill Tereshin Girlfriend

Tereshin is engaged to blogger Victoria Yakynina, whom he proposed to just months after his then-fiancee Olesya Malibu abruptly deserted him days before their wedding.

Kirill Tereshin Health Condition

Kirill Tereshin has had a number of health problems over the years, including two surgeries to drain his arms and remove his false triceps.

After having the remainder of his surgery to remove the implants postponed owing to the pandemic, his surgeon now warns him that if he does not remove the Synthol soon, he would die.

Kirill Tereshin Net Worth 2022

Kirill Tereshin’s net worth is not known as of April 2022.


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