The answer to the question is a big NO. Rihanna has no kids yet. The internet sometimes gets confused and asks who Majesty is. Is she not Rihanna’s daughter?

Who Is Majesty?

Who is Rihanna's Daughter? Majesty?

Majesty is the daughter of Rihanna’s cousin called Noella Alstrom. Because Rihanna considers Noella her sister, she refers to Majesty as her niece. Majesty is therefore not her daughter.

Majesty is so much loved by Rihanna that instead of calling her cousin, she chose to call her niece. The little girl is 4 years of age as of 2021.

The internet does not know much about the little girl’s father as well as her height and ethnicity.

In an interview in January 2020, Rihanna announced that she could have a daughter in few years time and all she needed is a sperm donor to make it happen. Rihanna remarked in an interview with British Vogue that the only thing required to raise a child is “love.

“I’ll have kids – three or four of them,” the singer stated when asked where she envisions herself in ten years. I feel like society makes me want to feel like, ‘Oh, you got it wrong,'” she told the magazine, adding that she plans to have children even if she never meets a good man.



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