How Did Kanye’s Mother Donda West Passed Away?

Kanye West Mother Donda passed away due to heart failure caused by multiple postoperative factors from undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Upon her death, it was discovered that she had died as a result of heart failure induced by a combination of post-operative circumstances.

In addition to liposuction, West’s mother had undergone abdominal surgery and a breast reduction. Following the procedure, she elected to recover at home.

Dr. Jan Adams, the surgeon who performed the lengthy liposuction, stomach tuck, and breast reduction surgery, told INSIDE Edition that there were no complications during the procedure.

She died the next day after having cosmetic treatments performed on her, according to the autopsy report, who stated that she had “a sore throat, discomfort, and tightening in her chest, before fainting in the early evening.”

In response to the tragedy, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger enacted the Donda West Act, which requires that all cosmetic surgery patients have prior medical clearance following a physical assessment before proceeding with the procedure.

Donda, West’s mother, took a leave of absence from her academic career as her son’s music career grew and frequently attended awards presentations and parties with him.

However, Donda West died just a few years after they began working together in the corporate world.



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