Will Donda 2 be on Spotify?

No. According to Kanye West, ‘Donda 2’ will not be available on Spotify or Apple Music, but will only be available on his site. It has been confirmed that Kanye West’s new album Donda 2 will not be distributed on any of the major streaming services including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube.

A teaser for a new single was released on Friday (18 February) by the rapper. The track was teased on the rapper’s Instagram account on Friday (18 February).

Yeezy disclosed in his comment that the second part of his album, which is scheduled to be released on February 22nd, will “only” be available on his “own” platform Stem Player.

Kanye West Says 'Donda 2' Won't Be Available On Spotify Or Apple Music -  MUNDOCNN


Artists today receive only 12 percent of the revenue generated by their respective industries, according to him. “It’s past time to liberate music from this tyrannical system,” says the activist. Take charge of the situation and construct our own infrastructure. For more information, visit stemplayer.com.”

Ye debuted the Stem Player, a device developed in collaboration with Yeezy Tech and Kano Computing, in August of the previous year.

On its website, the Stem Player unit includes a variety of technological features, such as built-in speakers, a USB-C port for charging, “touch sensitive light sliders” that glow red and blue when used, 8 gigabytes of storage, and the ability to play a wide variety of formats. Additionally, the Stem Player unit includes a haptic engine for precise vibrations.


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