What is the average annual salary of dentists in Canada? Because dentists play such a crucial part in our overall health and well-being, this is a question that a lot of people have, and they have good reason to be curious about it.

We will take a look at the average dentist pay in Canada, which was reported by 1,000 practicing dentists in Canada. This in-depth guide will also discuss some of the factors that might affect how much money a dentist makes. 

How Much do Dentists Make in Canada?

How Much do Dentists Make in Canada?

Working as a dentist in Canada might earn you an annual salary of about 274,000 CAD. Wages can be anywhere from 143,000 (the lowest) to 419,000 (the highest) Canadian dollars per year 

In addition to the base wage, this typically includes housing, transportation, and other amenities.

Dentist pay can range widely depending on factors such as education level, specialty, gender, and geographic region. Below, you’ll discover a comprehensive analysis according to several factors.

Half of all Dentists make less than $263,000 CAD annually, while the other half make more. This indicates that the median annual pay for Dentists is $263,000 CAD.

In terms of salaries, the median is the midpoint. To be safe, stick to the right side of the wage distribution chart, with those who make more than the average.

Dentist average salary change by experience in Canada

0 – 2 Years162,000 CAD
2 – 5 Years+34%217,000 CAD
5 – 10 Years+30%282,000 CAD
10 – 15 Years+21%342,000 CAD
15 – 20 Years+9%374,000 CAD
20+ Years+5%393,000 CAD

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