Battlegrounds Competition is a road dance rivalry that has turned into a worldwide entryway to a large number of artists across the globe.

WSB has changed into an amusement stage for hopeful artists all over the planet. Its goal is to lead, enable and motivate the young.

Its vision is to unite more countries, develop new companionships, cultivate fellowship, empower joint effort between the more noteworthy dance local area and advance social trade.

The development of road dance universally has been worked with by the hybrid of hip bounce into the established press. The music, dance, and form have turned into a way of life that is praised at WSB.

WSB Founder Marco Andre Selorio laid out WSB back in July 2004. “Battlegrounds competition” was held in Essendon, Victoria in what the future holds versus the State fight among Sydney and Melbourne.

It was a first of its sort. Seven groups from each side combat each other straight on. The top-scoring group was Rewind from Melbourne however Sydney won the general State fight 5 – 2.

How to Join World Supremacy Battlegrounds

UPDATE: WSB Battlegrounds PH will be relaunched again in 2022.

Target date: AUG 20-22

Two new Battlegrounds divisions will be opened – NEOPHYTE ADULT CREW and NEOPHYTE CELL (2-3 members)

Who Can Enter

The neophyte category applies to brand new crews, first-time entrants, and crews who have never placed in the Top 2 in any WSB or Battlegrounds events.

Final Deadline

1. JUL 30 Final Registration and Payment of Fees

2. AUG 8 SUN Video submission – ALL CREWS

3. NEOPHYTE Divisions could be broadcast in September depending on the number of competitors.
Key Contact: 

Patrick Lil Pat Romero – 0927 754 9708

Final Reminder: July 30 deadline


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