Ukraine War With Russia

President Vladimir Putin denied for months that he would attack Ukraine, but then he ripped up a peace agreement and sent troops over Ukraine’s northern, eastern, and southern borders.

He is being accused of disrupting Europe’s calm as the number of dead rises. What follows might put the continent’s whole security system in jeopardy.

Since Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s pro-Russian president, was overthrown in 2014 after months of protests against his government, President Putin has regularly accused the country of being seized by extremists.

Russia replied by taking Crimea’s southern area and inciting a rebellion in the east, supporting separatists against Ukrainian soldiers in a war that has claimed 14,000 lives.

Ukraine Land By Area Square

In terms of area, Ukraine is Europe’s second-largest country. Ukraine has a total size of 603.55 square kilometers. While Ukraine is Europe’s largest country in terms of territory, it is not the most populous.

A well-connected country By Borders

Ukraine can be reached by aircraft, trains, buses, and boats. Ukraine has over 20 airports that serve flights from all across Europe and beyond.

Trains are a major means of ground transportation in Ukraine because the railway connects most cities and places in the country, with the largest stations in Kyiv and Lviv.

Ukraine is connected to Belarus, Poland, Belgium, Russia, and many more countries by international railroads. Ukraine also has excellent transport links.

The most common routes connecting Ukraine to the rest of Europe are Moscow – Kiev, Minsk – Kiev, Warsaw – Lviv, Krakow – Kiev, and Kosice – Uzhgorod.


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