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J.D. Martinez Injury Update: How is J.D. Martinez Doing this Year?

J.D Martinez as a player was the prolific kind. When we look at his Amateur days, he began making an impact and the points. He has been outstanding since. He was known to have set the school’s career record for home runs at Nova University.

His area of expertise as a designated hitter on the other hand cannot be underestimated. And it has taken him so far till the now Boston Red Sox, where he joined in 2018.

Martinez joined the Red Sox from Arizona Diamondbacks on February 26, 2018, detailing a deal worth $110 million. He became the first duo with Mookie Betts to hit 15 home runs with 329 battings and 73 RBIs. He earned the designated hitter name acclaim when he earned the title record in the MLB All-Star Game.

When he was at Boston he finished the 2018 season with 43 home runs and 130RRBIs. Again he was the second player to record 12 extra-base hits in a regular season.

How is J.D. Martinez Doing this Year?

Martinez in April was reported to be diagnosed with Covid and was said to have been placed on the COVID-related list. He later recovered and was back. However, he again suffered an ankle sprain injury that became very serious during the final game of the regular season.

Martinez however, is now doing ok and he is now active in play. He is now fit and healthy for the rest of the 2022 season.

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