Jackie Appiah Children: Who is Jackie Appiah’s Son Damien Agyemang?

Damien Agyemang

Who is Jackie Appiah’s son Damien Agyemang?

Jackie Appiah, a well-known Ghanaian actress, has only ever had one kid, and that is Damien Agyemang. The 13th of October, 2005 saw the arrival of Damien.

The boy was born in Canada to Ghanaian parents, much like her mother was. He is Jackie Appiah’s ex-husband Peter Agyemang’s son. Peter Agyemang is a rich business magnate and was formerly married to Jackie Appiah.

Fans assumed that they were romantically involved due to their closeness and affection for one another. Both sides have made it very obvious that they only maintain a friendly relationship.

In response to rumours that her son Damien is George Weah’s biological child, Jackie Appiah dismissed the allegations as “laughable” in a post on her Instagram account.

According to her, Damien is Peter Agyemang’s son even though the two are no longer married. In just a quarter of a year, Damien Agyemang will turn 17 years old.

There were many questions raised about the circumstances surrounding Damien’s birth. The assertion that he was the son of George Weah, a former soccer star who is now the President of Liberia, was one of the most prominent issues involving him.

This was the case due to the fact that the seasoned actress and the President of Liberia had a wonderful relationship both before and at the time when the child was born. In fact, they remain close friends with

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