Do Mascots Get Championship Rings?

An MLB World Series ring is given to players who win the World Series. Players and staff of each World Series winning team are given a ring as an individual prize because there is only one Commissioner’s Trophy given out each year.

A new World Series ring is commissioned each year by the victorious club and given to its players and staff members early in the following season.

In addition to Jostens, Tiffany & Co and Dieges Clust & Clust, L.G. Balfour Company created the rings.

After the New York Giants won the 1922 World Series, they received the first World Series rings. Each winning team received a ring in the 1930s.

Rings have evolved over time; the most ornate World Series ring in 2003 contained over 200 diamonds, up from rings that contained only one diamond in the beginning.

Additionally, World Series rings have a secondary value as sports memorabilia in addition to their intrinsic value. Casey Stengel’s World Series ring went for $180,000 at auction.

In bankruptcy proceedings, Lenny Dykstra’s World Series ring from 1986 sold for $56,000. There have been other rings sold at auctions that have fetched more than $10,000. Replicas of the rings that were handed to supporters have sold for up to $300.

A pin or pocketwatch fob were handed to players on the World Series-winning team before to the 1922 World Series.

Following the New York Giants’ World Series victory over the New York Yankees in 1922, the first World Series ring was presented to the team’s players.

A commemorative pocketwatch was handed to each Yankees player after the team won the 1923 World Series. Following the 1927 World Series, the Yankees were the first to present their players with rings.

Since the year 1932, every World Series champion has given its players a ring as a token of their team’s success. Aside from rings, players have in the past requested cufflinks and tie clips in place of them.

After the Yankees won the World Series, Frankie Crosetti and Tommy Henrich sought shotguns from the team. The 1926 World Series ring belonging to Grover Cleveland Alexander was supposedly pawned.

Do Mascots Get Championship Rings?

According to multiple reports, mascots do get world series rings.

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