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Judy Tenuta Movies And TV Shows

Judy Tenuta was an American comedian, actress, and comedy musician. She was known for her whimsical and brash persona of “The Love Goddess,” mixing insult comedy, observational humor, self-promotion, and bawdy onstage antics.

In the middle of the 1980s, Tenuta uprooted her life once more and moved to Los Angeles. There, she wrote the book Full Frontal Tenudity, which is about her experiences living in Hollywood.

Judy Tenuta
Judy Tenuta

Tenuta had a strong sense of self-reliance while she was living in Los Angeles, to the point where she publicly disapproved of the beauty standards of Hollywood and the celebrity lifestyle.

She continued to give performances on national tours for many years after that, and she paid extra attention to the Chicago circuit during those years.

The way that Tenuta used her voice in her stand-up act opened the door for her to do voice-over work in a number of different animated shows.

Among these roles was Edna on Duckman, Munch Kelly on Cow and Chicken in the episode known as “Buffalo Gals,” Black Widow on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist as herself.

Judy Tenuta Movies And TV Shows

  • 1987: Buy This, Pigs! (Elektra Records)
  • 1994: Attention, Butt Pirates and Lesbetarians – Live at the C.S.W. Gay Pride Festival (Goddess Records)
  • 1995: In Goddess We Trust (Gag Media)
  • 1997: The Power of Judyism (Goddess Records)
  • 2002: A Space Goddessy (
  • 2008: The Best of Judy Tenuta: Buy This Again, Pigs! (self-released)
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