Born born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga is an actress, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, dancer, and fashion designer from The Us. She is known for her versatility in the entertainment industry.

Gaga began playing the piano when she was four years old. Gaga was invited to the Juilliard School in Manhattan when she was 11 years old, but she chose to attend a private Catholic school in the city instead. She concentrated on music studies and performance, creating her first piano ballad when she was 13 years old. At the age of 14, Gaga gave her debut performance at a New York nightclub.

Lady Gaga’s Age

Gaga was born in Manhattan,  New York, United States, on March 28, 1986. In the year 2022, she will be 36 years old. Every year on March 28th, she celebrates her birthday. Aries is her zodiac sign.

Lady Gaga’s Children

Lady Gaga has no Child as of 2021. Lady Gaga announced in May 2021 that she became pregnant at the age of 19 after being raped by a record producer. She did not specify if she suffered a miscarriage or had a termination.

Lady Gaga’s Husband

The attractive pop diva is currently dating and not married. Michael Polansky is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend. Michael, according to a credible source, is well-educated and wealthy. He is the CEO of a company that he founded after graduating from Harvard University. Michael is also the creator and executive director of The Parker Foundation, as well as the head of Facebook co-founder Sean Parker’s Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. In February 2015, Lady Gaga was however engaged to Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga’s Net Worth

Lady Gaga has worked in the entertainment sector for a long time. She has amassed a large wealth as a result of her efforts as a singer, composer, actor, philanthropist, dancer, and fashion designer. Gaga’s net worth is believed to be $320 million.

Lady Gaga’s Songs

  1. A-Yo
  2. Alejandro
  3. Americano
  4. Angel Down
  5. Applause
  6. Artpop
  7. Aura
  8. Bad Kids
  9. Bad Romance
  10. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  11. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
  12. Bloody Mary
  13. Born This Way
  14. Boys Boys Boys
  15. Come To Mama
  16. Dance in the Dark
  17. Dancin’ In Circles
  18. Diamond Heart
  19. Do What U Want
  20. Dope
  21. Electric Chapel
  22. Fashion Of His Love
  23. U.Y.
  24. Glitter & Grease
  25. Government Hooker
  26. Grigio Girls
  27. Gypsy
  28. Hair
  29. Heavy Metal Lover
  30. Hey Girl
  31. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
  32. Jewels n’ Drugs
  33. Joanne
  34. John Wayne
  35. Judas
  36. Just Another Day
  37. Just Dance
  38. LoveGame
  39. MANiCURE
  40. Marry the Night
  41. Mary Jane Holland
  42. Million Reasons
  43. Monster
  44. Paparazzi
  45. Perfect Illusion
  46. Poker Face
  47. Princess Die
  48. Scheiße
  49. Sexxx Dreams
  50. Sinner’s Prayer
  51. Speechless
  52. Swine
  53. Teeth
  54. Telephone
  55. The Cure
  56. The Edge of Glory
  57. Til It Happens To You
  58. Venus
  59. You and I
  60. You’re All My Little Monsters

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