Chaya Raichik’s Twitter account, Libs of TikTok, mostly reposts left-wing and LGBT-related videos from TikTok in order to criticize them. It has gained traction among conservatives.

In April 2021, the account was renamed @libsoftiktok from its previous identity as a personal account.

Joe Rogan began pushing the account on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience four months later, which resulted in a significant increase in followers.

The TikTok Libs movement has spread to other prominent sites including Instagram and YouTube, as well as right-wing alternatives like Rumble, Gab, and Gettr.

It had its own TikTok account for a short time, however it was suspended after breaching TikTok’s community norms.

TikTok’s Libs have primarily concentrated on homophobic and transphobic content, with this trend expected to continue in 2022.

It has been claimed that teaching children about LGBT identities is “abusive,” and that instructors who come out to their kids should be fired.

It urged followers to contact schools that allow transgender kids to use the toilet of their gender identity, as well as propagate the conspiracy idea that schools were installing litter boxes in bathrooms for students who identified as cats.

It has been stated that being gender non-conforming is a mental condition with “delusions,” and it has misgendered trans people on purpose.

Before Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis popularized the term “groomer” in the aftermath of the contentious Florida House Bill 1557, it was used to refer to LGBT individuals.

Libs Of TikTok Facebook Account

Libs Of TikTok in on Facebook as (

Libs Of TikTok Instagram Account

With over 71.4k followers on Instagram, Libs of TikTok is on Instagram as (

Libs Of TikTok Twitter Account

Libs of TikTok haas over 710.7K followers on Twitter.Libs Of TikTok is on Twitter as ( or the handle @libsoftiktok.


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