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List of All World Series Titles Won By New York Yankees

MLB’s playoffs culminate with the World Series, which is the yearly championship series. The World Series is a best-of-seven series between the champions of the National League (NL) and the American League (AL) that began in baseball in 1903.

“Fall Classic” World Series have been played every year since 1903, with two exceptions: NL champion New York Giants refused to play AL champion Boston Americans in-game in 1904, and the series was canceled in 1994 because of players strike.

The American League has won 66 of the 117 World Series, while the National League has won 51. The American League’s New York Yankees have been in 40 World Series and won 27, making them the most successful club in the four major North American professional sports leagues in terms of championship appearances and victories.

The National League’s Dodgers have the most losses (14), while the American League’s Yankees have the most losses (13).

A record 27 World Series championships have been won by the New York Yankees.


List of All World Series Titles Won By New York Yankees

1923 4-2- New York Giants
1927 4-0- Pittsburgh Pirates
1928 4-0- St. Louis Cardinals
1932 4-0- Chicago Cubs
1936 4-2- New York Giants
1937 4-1- New York Giants
1938 4-0- Chicago Cubs
1939 4-0- Cincinnati Reds
1941 4-1- Brooklyn Dodgers
1943 4-1- St. Louis Cardinals
1947 4-3- Brooklyn Dodgers
1949 4-1- Brooklyn Dodgers
1950 4-0- Philadelphia Phillies
1951 4-2- New York Giants

1952 4-3- Brooklyn Dodgers
1953 4-2- Brooklyn Dodgers
1956 4-3- Brooklyn Dodgers

1958 4-3- Milwaukee Braves
1961 4-1- Cincinnati Reds
1962 4-3- San Francisco Giants
1977 4-2- Los Angeles Dodgers
1978 4-2- Los Angeles Dodgers
1996 4-2- Atlanta Braves
1998 4-0- San Diego Padres
1999 4-0- Atlanta Braves
2000 4-1- New York Mets
2009 4-2- Philadelphia Phillies

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