Louise Bennett, who was a poet , novelist, and short story writer from Jamaica is revered by many.

Her courageous deeds may seem unusual and out of the ordinary to outsiders, but to her fans and readers, she is a phenomenon.

The Honorable Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley, also known as “Ms. Lou,” was born on September 7, 1919, in Kingston, Jamaica.

She spent her whole life spreading knowledge and delighting audiences with her one-of-a-kind repertoire of poetry, music, and stage acts.

What made her work stand out from the rest? The entire production was done in the Jamaican vernacular patois (pronounced pat-wa).

She was mocked and ostracized at first for speaking “foul language” rather than the “Queen’s English” that was required of all schoolchildren.

Louise Bennett was raised in Kingston, Jamaica, by her mother and grandmother. Her father passed away while she was very young. Her baker mother was a native of St. Mary. 

Since Louise’s mother and grandmother were born in Africa, they brought with them an appreciation for and knowledge of African culture as well as a fascination with Jamaican heritage and customs.

Louise Bennett was taught this information through a series of tales known as “Nancy Stories.”

Louise began her career as an entertainer in her mother’s sewing room. She would share her academic knowledge with them (which at times differed from what she was taught at home).

Ever since she was seven years old, she delighted in making the women in the sewing room laugh by sharing jokes and stories with them.

List of Louise Bennett-Coverley’s Poems

  • Country Bwoy
  • Partin
  • New Scholar
  • Sammy Intres
  • Bed-Time Story
  • Bans a Killin
  • Dry-Foot Bwoy
  • No Lickle Twang
  • Colonization in Reverse
  • Dutty Tough
  • Love Letter
  • No Lickle Twang

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