Luke Voit Weight Loss

There was a time in Luke Voit’s life when he would gorge on late-night snacks, but the Yankees first baseman has now traded them for long quarantine runs through his suburban St Louis neighborhood.

The Yankees are noticeably slimmer than they were when Spring Training was halted on March 12th. His Wildwood, Missouri, the home was a strict routine, with Voit saying he worked out twice per week and began each weightlifting session with a one- to one and a half-mile jog.

“I just wanted to be a little bit faster this year,” Voit explained. “It all came together perfectly.”

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Voit noted that he is adapting to the Yankees’ preseason games without a crowd in attendance.

Carlos Mendoza, the bench coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, believes that Voit has gotten faster while he was quarantined. According to Mendoza: “You could see it straight away” when he spoke about Voit.

As I have observed him at first base over the last few days, he appears to have lost weight. He’s making progress. Practicing side-to-side, he’s getting a feel for his range. There are encouraging signs in practice, and we’re hoping it will convert to the games.”

It is expected that Voit will play the majority of the first base if he is able to maintain his current health.

How Much Weight Did Voit Lose?

During quarantine, Voit claims to have lost 13 pounds, citing “eating clean” as the reason for the weight loss.


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