An Australian landslide killed a British barrister and his nine-year-old kid as they were on “the holiday of a lifetime,” while his wife and teenage son are still fighting for their lives.

On Monday, Mehraab Nazir, 49, was killed in a bizarre accident while hiking with his family in the Blue Mountains, north of Sydney.

After narrowly avoiding the landslip, his teenage daughter made a devastating phone call to 911.

Mr. Nazir, a well-known financial lawyer, and her nine-year-old brother were killed instantly while her 50-year-old mother and a 14-year-old boy were airlifted to the hospital in critical condition.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Nazir, a University of Essex graduate and partner at consultancy company Watson Farley and Williams, brought his family to Sydney from London ten years ago.

While on vacation in the area, Nazir and his son were hiking with their family when a large rock fell and crushed them.

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, his 15-year-old daughter was able to call Australia’s Triple-0 emergency agency.

When the operator inquired as to the whereabouts of her family, the frightened girl replied, “I don’t know.”

A mother and a boy were rescued from the canopy below the Wentworth Falls pathway late Monday night after a tragedy occurred during midday.

Because of the “very risky, unstable” terrain, paramedics had to be winched down by helicopter to reach the victims.

In a delicate operation, the mother was lowered from a cliffside tree and extricated.

An NSW Ambulance Acting Chief Superintendent Stewart Clarke said that both the lady and her son had to be sedated in order to be retrieved.

The awful chore of rescuing the two bodies was then completed by rescuers.

Fortunately, the 15-year-old victim was able to escape and was taken to the hospital to be treated for shock.

Crushed by falling pebbles on a popular walking trail, acting superintendent John Nelson claimed that

Mehraab Nazir Real Age

Mehraab Nazir is 49 years old.

Mehraab Nazir Children

Mehraab Nazir has three children according to reports. He has two sons and a daughter.

Mehraab Nazir Career

Mahraab Nazir was a Financial Lawyer

Mehraab Nazir Cause of Death

While trekking the Wentworth Pass track at Wentworth Falls, Mehraab Nazir was crushed by tumbling rocks.


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