What Happened To Finance Lawyer Mehraab Nazir and His 9-year Old Son?

Mehraab Nazir

What Happened To Finance Lawyer Mehraab Nazir and His 9-year Old Son?

A prominent British finance lawyer has been identified as the dad who shockingly passed on in an awful landslide while hiking with his family in the Blue Mountains.

Mehraab Nazir, 49, and his 9-year-old son were killed after the pair were squashed by falling rocks. Mr. Nazir was on a vacation with his wife and their three children from Singapore.

Emergency services were called to Wentworth Pass at about 1.40 pm on Monday, due to “concerns for the welfare of five bushwalkers following a landslip near the pass”.

Mr. Nazir’s wife Anastasia, aged 50, and another son, 14, experienced “head and abdominal injuries, requiring sedation before extraction”.

They were airlifted out of the thick bushland after a dangerous salvage activity and are both as yet battling for their lives in the wake of going through medical surgery.

Mr. Nazir’s 15-year-old daughter figured out how to escape without injury and had the option to raise the alert prior to making a frightening hour and a half climb to somewhere safe and secure alone.

The Nazir family moved to Singapore from London over 10 years prior for Mr. Nazir to turn into an accomplice at the top advisory firm Watson Farley and Williams.

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