Nick Anderson Injury:

Right-hander Nick Anderson, the Rays’ most effective reliever from the time he was signed in 2019 until the end of the ’20 season, was absent for most of this season. According to the most recent reports, he’ll be sidelined all year long.

The Rays revealed on Thursday that Anderson had surgery on his right elbow on Wednesday and that he won’t be ready to play again until after the 2022 All-Star break.

An operation by Dr. Keith Meister in Dallas, Texas, restored Anderson’s ulnar collateral ligament using an internal bracing method.

Nick Anderson, who was traded from the Marlins to the Rays on July 31, 2019, was perhaps the best high-leverage reliever in baseball until the early rounds of the 2020 playoffs.

While pitching for the Tampa Bay Rays, the right-hander posted a 2.11 earned run average in 2019 and a 0.55 ERA in 19 appearances last year, striking out 65 of the 136 batters he faced.

An operation performed by Dr. John supports the ligament while shortening the recuperation period for patients. When it comes to “primary repair,” Seth Maness and Rich Hill are the most renowned pitchers that have undergone the procedure.

Will Nick Anderson Play this Year?

Yes, Anderson will play in 2022. According to the team, Anderson won’t be able to throw for three to four months. The team expected Anderson to join them in the middle of the season if he is well fit.


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