Nicola Peltz is a millionaire American actress who was born on January 9, 1995, in Westchester County, New York.

Nicola went to private schools in New York City. She began her acting career at an early age after she hired an industry agent when she was 12.

Her agent aided her to be featured in the show Blackbird, created by Manhattan Theater Club where she imparted the stage to Alison Phil and Jeff Daniels, in 2007.

From 2013 to 2015, Nicole repeated the character of Bradley Martin, a bothered high school student in 14 episodes of the spine chiller dramatization series Bates Motel.

Bates Motel TV series was a remake of and prequel to Psycho, a horror series produced by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960.

Nicola Peltz was not listed as part of the lead actors in Bates Motel’s subsequent season however returned as a guest star in the last three episodes of the third season.

Nicola Peltz Parents: Meet Nelson Peltz and Claudia Heffner Peltz

Nicola Peltz was born to Nelson Peltz and Claudia Heffner Peltz.

Nelson Peltz

Nelson Peltz is the billionaire father of actress Nicola Peltz. Aged 79, Nelson was born on June 24, 1942, and has been married three times.

Nelson Peltz is a founding partner, together with Peter W. May and Edward P. Garden, of Trian Fund Management.

He is also the non-executive chairman of the popular American fast-food chain Wendy’s Company. Peltz has a net worth of $1.7billion, which makes him the 432nd richest person in the US.

Claudia Heffner Peltz

Claudia Heffner Peltz, a former fashion model is the mother of Nicola Peltz. She was born on March 12, 1955, making her 67.

She stays out of the limelight and is happy being a housewife. Claudia and Nelson got married in 1985.


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