The 27-year-old actress Nicola hails from a well-known and rich American family led by her parents, Nelson and Claudia, who are celebrating the couple’s opulent wedding in their Florida home.

Nicola is one of five children, and her Instagram photos show how close she is to her family. Nicola was born in 1995 in Westchester County, New York, to billionaire businessman and investor Nelson Peltz and his third wife, model Claudia Heffner.

Peltz Beckham joined the main cast of A&E’s drama-thriller series Bates Motel in 2013. Bradley Martin, a love interest for the teenage Norman Bates, was played by her.

Meet Will Peltz, Brad Peltz, Brittany Peltz and Matthew Peltz

Will, Brad, Matthew, and Brittany are Nicola’s four siblings. Will, 35, works in the same business as Nicola and is most recognized for his parts in Unfriended and Men, Women, and Children.

Brad Peltz, 32, is an ice hockey professional. Interestingly, Nicola used to play the sport as well, but she eventually switched to acting, which became her love.

Matthew, 37, is the director of Wendy’s Co, like his father, and Nicola’s sister Britanny, 28, is a fashion influencer and mother of three.


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