When we talk about rivalries in baseball, it all has to do with each team’s history, location and sometimes, familiarity.

Also, talking about the greatest rivals of Cleveland Guardians, we are referring to the following teams.

  1. Detroit Tigers
  2. New York Yankees
  3. Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Guardians Vs Detroit Tigers Rivalries

The Cleveland Guardians put the Detroit Tigers to the woodshed before, defeating them in every manner a baseball club can be beaten, and it got most people thinking about the game’s rivalries, particularly those between the Indians and the Tigers.

Rick and Matt were discussing Jose Ramirez’s recent thrashing of the Tigers, and how it compared to what Miguel Cabrera has done to Cleveland over the previous decade (it doesn’t). The Tigers are widely assumed to be the Guardians’ biggest adversary – they’re the closest geographically, and they were terrific not long ago.

Cleveland Guardians Vs New York Yankees Rivalries

As the Cleveland Guardians’ 2021 season draws to a conclusion, a new documentary in Chagrin examines the team’s history through the eyes of its longstanding adversary, the New York Yankees.

In Cleveland, according to Billman, there is a purpose for everything. They don’t despise things just because the team is successful or because they are from a specific part of the nation. It needs to be for a certain cause,” says the author.

“Someone died, and the pitcher was considered as a villain, properly or unfairly,” he explained.

“That, in my opinion, is why Cleveland and New York baseball have such a strong rivalry.” Billman continued.

Cleveland Guardians Vs Cincinnati Reds Rivalries

The Ohio Cup.

The Ohio Cup is an annual interleague competition between the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Guardians (formerly the Cleveland Indians). 1989 saw the reintroduction of the annual pre-season exhibition trophy between the two clubs. The cup goes to the team that has won the most games. In a tie, the previous season’s winner keeps the prize.

The Reds and Indians have previously only met in spring training or exhibition games. They can only meet since they are in separate leagues. The Ohio Cup started in 1989 with a pre-season exhibition game at Cooper Stadium in Columbus. It took them six years to win their first Ohio Cup. A crowd of 15,000 or more has attended every Columbus game save one.


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