Robert Crimo: Chicago Highland Park Parade Shooter Identified as Bobby Crimo

Police in Highland Park, Illinois, have made the decision to make public the identity of the primary suspect in the Chicago parade shooting that resulted in the deaths of six people and injuries to at least 24 more.

They disclosed that his name is Robert E. Crimo III, but he is more commonly known by his nickname, Bobby. Crimo, who is 22 years old and drives a silver 2010 Honda Fit, is the subject of an aggressive manhunt by multiple divisions of the law, according to the authorities.

Bobby Crimo
Bobby Crimo

There are numerous photographs of Crimo that have already been made available to the public and include the data of his Twitch account. IL DM80653 is what the license plate on his automobile reads.

Even though he left the assault weapon behind, he is still considered to be an incredibly dangerous individual, and it is assumed that he is armed. The police were able to successfully use this pistol to look for more information on the man’s identity while they conducted their investigation.

According to additional details on the possible perpetrator, Crimo is also known as “Awake the Rapper” on a variety of online forums and Twitch.

A video created by Crimo and published in September 2021 has the ability to give everyone the creeps. It has a variety of different types of symbolism and imagery, none of which truly describes very much, but they do give one a shiver down their spine.


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