Sonny Barger was an American outlaw biker who was a founding member of the Oakland, California, chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in 1957. He authored five books and appeared on television and in film.

On October 8, 1938, in Modesto, California, a boy named Ralph Hubert Barger was born. After his mother abandoned the family when Barger was just four months old, his older sister Shirley and alcoholic father were left to be reared by their grandparents.

Sonny Barger
Sonny Barger

He was suspended from school multiple times as a child in Oakland for attacking instructors and was frequently involved in fights with his peers. In the tenth grade, he dropped out of high school.

He worked at a grocery store and enlisted in the US Army at the age of sixteen in 1955, but was honorably discharged fourteen months later when it was discovered that he had falsified his birth certificate in order to enter the service, while many of his classmates became heroin addicts.

Before moving in with his sister and her family, Barger worked in a variety of low-paying jobs and lived with his father in a single hotel room.

Sonny Barger Funeral

Hells Angels leader Sonny Barger, who donned leather and rode a motorcycle, died. He was 83 years old. Late on Wednesday night, Barger’s death was revealed on his Facebook page.

After being diagnosed with liver cancer, Barger passed away on Wednesday night at his home in Livermore, California, according to Fritz Clapp, Barger’s former attorney. According to Barger’s wife, Zorana, Barger wrote the Facebook post.

Sonny Barger Burial Service

According to the deceased’s family, his burial and funeral arrangements are underway and they would soon release the burial date, time, and grounds.

Sonny Barger Date

No burial date has been communicated.

Sonny Barger Venue

The venue in which will be used as the grounds for Sonny Barger’s full is unknown at the moment.

Sonny Barger Pictures

No pictures have been released by his family.


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