Susie: Did Clayton find love on The Bachelor?

Did Clayton find love on The Bachelor?

Clayton Found love after all.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans have made their relationship official, but they understand that not everyone will approve.

Clayton, 28, announced that Susie was now his girlfriend during the Bachelor’s After the Final Rose episode. They had previously broken up, only to reconcile when filming in Iceland came to a close.

The two have revealed they had restored their romance over the last few months and are currently dating. Clayton said he’ll be moving in with Susie in Virginia “in the next couple of days,” despite the fact that they haven’t been engaged.

Susie believes that ending her relationship with Clayton in Iceland was the finest move she could have made at the time and that it is the reason they are still together today.

Clayton said to the audience, “I didn’t think that was going to happen.” “Especially after the way we closed the conversation.

I simply clung to hope. But, at the time, I believed it was the proper thing to do when she provided me that closure.

And, happily, she responded, and all I wanted was one dialogue at a time, which we had just rebuilt.”

Susie was smitten with Clayton as well, declaring her love for him on stage.

Susie revealed that she doesn’t expect the same emotions from Bachelor Nation following the emotional finale, despite the fact that they are happy together.




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