According to Fox News, as Ukraine enters its third day of Russian shelling since Putin’s invasion earlier this week, a top defense official indicated Saturday that Moscow has grown “increasingly frustrated” with the lack of progress.

“We have signs that the Russians are becoming increasingly dissatisfied by their lack of progress over the previous 24 hours, particularly in Ukraine’s north,” a senior defense official stated. “We’re also seeing signs of a genuine Ukrainian resistance.”

“Based on what we’ve seen, we continue to feel that this opposition is more than the Russians expected,” he added.

Russia has invaded Ukraine from all sides, including the north, south, and east, and defense authorities believe Putin is attempting to encircle Kyiv, the country’s capital.

On Friday, Russia began a successful amphibious assault from the Sea of Azov, and its soldiers are continuously making headway, but a defense official said Russia has yet to gain air superiority or take control of any Ukrainian city.

Russian forces were unable to approach Kyiv despite their best efforts, and are presently around 20 kilometers outside the capital.

Even though the official indicated that the situation in Ukraine is a “battlefield” that is “very dynamic and will vary hour by hour,” the source stated that the situation in Ukraine is a “battlefield.”

According to the UK defense ministry, Putin’s primary aim remains the conquest of Kyiv, although Russian advances have been slowed by overwhelming Ukrainian resistance and logistical problems.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Declares Martial Law

The President Of Ukraine, Volodymyr has declared a state of emergency in a Material law declaration later this evening.

The intention is to safeguard the country’s citizens from any form of harm. The sound of the sirene was heard for the first time after a long time indicating distress and precautionary battle call.

In a video that ascertains the declaration of martial law, the details are specifically detailed in it.



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