Was Juwan Howard in West Wing?

Yes. Juwan Howard was in Wes Wings. His  brief acting career, which spanned the mid-to-late-1990s while he was still playing basketball, included hauling a pre-“Black-ish” Anthony Anderson to safety on the NBC sitcom “Hang Time” and showing off his home-made, lava-hot jambalaya on HBO’s “Arli$$.”

“I was never that guy wanting to become an actor or pursue a different career,” Howard remarked.

Even though Howard initially declined to participate when the programs approached his agency about it, the star later changed his mind after having some fun with the idea.

Former NBA star Reggie Theus, who played a high school basketball coach in “Hang Time,” claimed the show was looking for athletes like Howard who would be able to help his teams win.


As Theus put it, “The men that plainly could chew gum and walk at the same time” were the ones he was searching for in the league.

Howard and Theus had a lot of fun on set. This required some reorganization when Theus noticed that Howard had a “huge Kool-Aid face” on.

As Theus put it, “even just being yourself on camera may be a challenge for guys.” A “wonderful personality, a great person, everyone likes him,” says Juwan.

A first for a prominent professional sports player, Theus used the show to poke fun at Howard’s $100 million contract.



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