What Are The Indecent Dresses You Can’t Wear In North Korea?

When it comes to countries in the world where there are a lot of strict rules and restrictions on the lives of individuals we can name North Korea as the first on the list.

North Korea is a Communist state that has been under the leadership of the Kim family who for three generations had subjected the people of North Korea to intense repression and a gradual cut-off from the world. There are many rules you will have to follow if you are to visit or stay in North Korea.

These rules apply to almost every aspect of life in North Korea including diet, fashion, hairstyles, jewelry choices, and job opportunities, and must be followed. There are some clothes in North Korea which are considered indecent westernized and are not allowed in the country.

A list of items you can’t wear in North Korea.

1. Blue jeans: It is prohibited to wear blue jeans in North Korea though foreigners are allowed but not in every place. Black jeans are the acceptable types and they should not be skinny.

What Are The Indecent Dresses You Can't Wear In North Korea?
What Are The Indecent Dresses You Can’t Wear In North Korea?

2. Leather Trench Coat: North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un has banned leather trench coats to prevent citizens from copying or looking like him in status.

3. Banded T-shirts; it is prohibited to wear any branded T-shirt in North Korea as a citizen or foreigner.

4. No long hair and fancy haircuts; Married North Korean women are not allowed to wear long hair, a simple bob haircut is required once you get married. Males have a choice list of 28 boring haircuts and can’t change or dye their hair.

5. Horn rimmed glasses; Aside the specially designed rimmed glasses of Kim Jong Un, it is prohibited to wear any glasses which are similar to his.

6. Mao-style suit; the Mao-style suit is a Chinese-styled suit that is worn by Leader Kim Jong Un and thus should not be worn by any citizen or foreigner as long as you are in the country.

7. Ripped denim; Ripped jeans are not allowed in North Korea as they stand as a sense of Western culture. Koreans are not allowed to show any parts of the body.



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