Easter is a day set aside to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The story behind Easter is the foundation of the Christian faith as the Lord Jesus came to earth to fulfil a prophecy that through his death and resurrection, anyone who believes will have eternal life.


Easter and jelly beans
Jelly beans

Biblically, Easter is three days after the Lord Jesus died on the cross to give mankind victory over sin. There is no fixed date as to when Easter is to be celebrated every year as it is celebrated depending on when the first full moon appears.

The week before Easter is celebrated is called the Holy week. Within this week, we have Palm Sunday, which happens to be the day the Lord Jesus went to Jerusalem.

Then there is Maundy Thursday, also called the last supper, which was the time Jesus met with his disciples to observe Passover and finally the very popular Good Friday which was the day Jesus was crucified on the cross.

What do Jelly Beans Represent for Easter?

The Jelly bean candy is used to tell the story of Easter in a way that makes it exciting and meaningful.

There are eight colours of Jelly Beans used to tell the Easter story and each colour represents part of God’s story of redemption.

The Black jelly bean represents Sin, Red represents Jesus’ blood, White represents Clean, Yellow means Heaven, Green shows Growth, Purple means Royalty, Pink means Thank you and Orange means Lord.


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