Jesus was crucified on the first Good Friday after being tried and questioned by Jewish and Roman officials.

This was a customary Roman punishment. In light of Jesus’ innocence, Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor, gave the crowds the option of freeing Jesus or Barabbas, a convicted murderer.

Good Friday when Jesus Died
Good Friday when Jesus Died

To prove his innocence in Jesus’ killing, Pilate ritually washed his hands.

In order to get rid of Jesus, he flogged him, a punishment that commonly resulted in death for those who received it.

When Jesus was crucified, he was expected to carry his own cross probably merely the horizontal beam.

The Romans ordered Simon of Cyrene, a passerby, to carry the load for him after he collapsed from exhaustion and suffering.

Two criminals, one of whom swore at Jesus and the other who asked him to “remember me when you enter your kingdom,” were crucified alongside Jesus on the cross.

The words “This is the King of the Jews” were painted on a placard above his head.

After six hours of excruciating anguish, he succumbed to his injuries. Before the Sabbath began, the authorities broke the legs of the two robbers in order to expedite their demise.

A soldier stabbed Jesus in the heart to be sure he was dead.

What Happened on Good Friday when Jesus Died?

An earthquake occurred at the crucifixion, according to Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 27: “And after Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.”

The temple curtain was split in half from top to bottom at that moment. The earth trembled, rocks split, and tombs shattered.




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