Christopher Boswell, a kicker for the National Football League’s Pittsburgh Steelers, was born on March 16, 1991. (NFL). He was an undrafted free agent who was signed by the Houston Texans in 2014, and he has previously played for the New York Giants.

At Rice, he played collegiate football. In NFL history, he is now the seventh most accurate kicker. Boswell became the Pittsburgh Steelers’ fourth placekicker in 2015 when he joined them on October 3.

Chris Boswell

On October 12, Boswell made his NFL debut, defeating the San Diego Chargers by making a 47-yard field goal attempt and all three of his extra points.

At Acrisure Stadium, the Steelers were trying to close the gap on the Jets’ 10-3 advantage when they called on Boswell with seconds left in the half to go within four. Boswell kicked a field goal from 59 yards out to bring the Steelers within four and make the final score 10-6.

Officially, it is the longest field goal ever attempted at Heinz Field/Acrisure Stadium.
In week two against the Las Vegas Raiders on September 19, 2021, Boswell beat his own record.

Boswell made a 56-yard field goal on that particular day. In the fourth quarter, the score was 23-17 thanks to that field goal. Boswell’s field goal served as the Steelers’ lone score in the 26-17 defeat, which occurred that day.

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