After selecting a jacket with a number between 1 and 16, players were informed that each number marked the order in which they would play the game.

At the end of the game, the players were transported to a large, circus-themed chamber where they competed.

There was a platform at one end of the space that was joined to another platform at the other end by two parallel bridges, each one holding 18 glass panels.

Tempered glass, which could hold the weight of two players, or standard glass that would shatter and force the player to fall to their death, resulting in their elimination.

The object of the game was to successfully jump across the tempered glass bridges while avoiding the regular glass in the allotted 16 minutes.

After the time limit had expired, all of the bridges’ glass panels shattered, killing any remaining players. Player 067 was crippled by shrapnel after being hit by shattered glass from the explosion, which also injured the other two winners.

What is the Glass Bridge Game in Squid Game?

It was the fifth game in Squid 2020’s 33rd Squid Game, which was held in 2020.

Participants had to jump across tempered glass panels while avoiding weaker ordinary glass panes in order to span two parallel bridges.

These people were eliminated from the game when they landed on a normal glass pane and fell to their deaths from a high place.

Thirteen of the 16 players entered the game, and only three survived to move on to the finals. Player 212 and Player 101 are among the notable casualties.



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