Some industries pay more than others, and some particularly specialized professions enjoy pay that is significantly greater than the median salary.

For obvious reasons, employees are more concerned with health and safety than ever before. The current environment has severely impacted people’s money, thus salaries are naturally top-of-mind.

Highest paying Jobs

Depending on the province, the average yearly wage for workers in Canada is roughly $50,000, according to Statistics Canada. Naturally, factors like gender, color, and age have a significant impact on earnings as well as industry.

There are also some professions that typically command higher earnings, as is the case for many of the positions listed below, even if the epidemic has significantly influenced the labor market with effects that will continue to be seen over the coming years.

Surgeons/doctors are at the top of the list, surgeons and doctors earn an average of $236,001 to $676,001 a year.

Despite being one of the more industrialized nations in the world, Canada has fewer doctors per 100,000 people than nations like Austria or Norway. Doctors are therefore in great demand!

It’s also a rigorous, high-risk job that develops more into a lifestyle than a vocation.
Before receiving their medical degree, doctors, and particularly surgeons, must complete several years of education.

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