What Pitches Does Matt Wisler Throw?

Matt Wisler throws the Slider.

A slider is a type of breaking pitch that is thrown faster than a curveball and with less overall movement. It shatters with increased force and speed.

Despite not throwing an MLB pitch in 2022, Matt Wisler threw 7,410 pitches in the MLB Regular Season between 2015 and 2021, all of which were monitored by the PITCHf/x system.

In 2021, he predominantly used his Slider (82mph), with a Fourseam Fastball thrown in for good measure (92mph).

In comparison to other pitchers’ sliders, he has remarkable depth, produces more flyballs, and has a short glove-side cut.

In comparison to other pitchers’ four-seamers, his four-seam fastball has an average value and produces somewhat more flyballs.

In the year, Matt Wisler has thrown his slider 89.2 percent of the time, the most of any pitcher in any league.

He’s done it in 32 and a third inning, the past 12 and a third of them with the Tampa Bay Rays, who acquired him from the San Francisco Giants on June 11 in exchange for minor league southpaw Michael Plassmeyer.

Wisler has made a dozen appearances for his new team and has only given up one earned run in that time. Over the phone earlier this month, Wisler revealed the story behind his hallmark pitch.


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