Easter, a celebration that brings relief and remembrance of Christ’s atonement of our sins is here with us again. The festive offers relief to Christians especially all over the world, a commemorative relief of how Christ came to save us from the entanglement of death and the devil’s encroachment.

Among other things, the festive season comes along with a whole lot of excitement and beautiful colors of merrymaking and its related stuff. What’s up this time around?

What Time Does the Egg Hunt Start?

One of the interesting things that Easter always carries along, especially among children is the Egg Hunt. What is Egg Hunt? An egg hunt is an Eastertide game during which nicely decorated eggs are placed in secret locations for children to locate or find.

The eggs sometimes are in the form of boiled eggs which are sometimes typically painted and made of plastic filled with chocolates.

The Egg Hunt mostly starts on Easter Sunday and it normally takes place among children. The Eggs are arranged secretly for the children to find on Sunday morning. The game is often played outdoors. The children when they find the eggs, collect them into a basket and when the hunt is over prizes are awarded accordingly.


Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt


How Long is the Easter Egg Hunt?

The parents stay since an Easter Egg Hunt is a short gathering (approximately 45 minutes overall). And, best of all, because the hunt takes place outside, no extra dusting is required!. In some cases, kids normally are done with the hunt within 20 to 30 minutes.


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