What’s the Next Happy Meal Toy 2022?

Your kids will ask for a “Cars” Happy Meal because of the Disney Pixar theme. Are you curious as to what makes McDonald’s Happy Meals so joyful? Although most kids enjoy eating chicken nuggets and fries, the beautiful toys inside the package are what really gets them excited.

Since you may anticipate finding the newest Happy Meal toys on your next visit to McDonald’s, we want to keep you updated on all of them.

The Hot Wheels, Barbie, or Beanie Baby rewards have been some of the best Happy Meal toys that McDonald’s has created over the years.

Even little Build-a-Bear toys were once available! Basically, whatever is most in demand with children tends to get scaled-down and included in Happy Meals.

Watching what McDonald’s will come up with next is always exciting. Happy Meal toys are only offered for a brief period of time with each new release. Even yet, you might still be able to find missed favorites on eBay if the supply runs out.

Each Happy Meal toy introduction typically lasts for around a month. A different toy with that particular theme will be distributed each day of the month. You, therefore, have a full month to try and gather the entire set.

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