When Did World War III Happen?


World War III or the Third World War, often abbreviated as WWIII or WW3, are names given to a hypothetical third worldwide large-scale military conflict after World War I and World War II.

The term has been in use since at least as early as 1941. Some apply it loosely to limited or more minor conflicts such as the Cold War or the War on Terror.

In contrast, others assume that such a conflict would surpass prior world wars in both scope and destructive impact.

When Did World War III Happen?

Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine has prompted outrage from across the world with nations and people alike condemning President Vladimir Putin’s act.

While he has claimed that it’s a military action in Ukraine, explosions could be heard soon after in the capital Kyiv and other parts of the country.

Russia declared war on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24 with Russian President Vladimir Putin calling it a tactical activity.

Putin has additionally cautioned different countries not to slow down the Russian activity as it would bring about “results they have never seen”. Not long after his declaration, huge blasts were seen in Ukraine’s Kyiv, Kharkiv, and different locales.

Russia perceived the autonomy of two dissident districts in eastern Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin marked announcements to perceive Ukraine’s areas of “Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics” as “free”.

The move raised pressures in the district, increasing apprehensions of Russia’s attack of Ukraine. Putin likewise requested Russian officers into eastern Ukraine in what the Kremlin named a “peacekeeping” mission in the Moscow-upheld districts.

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