Where Are Austin and Aaron Nola From?

The Nola Brothers

The Nola brothers started off their careers at a young age. They were being coached by their dad, and they usually play in the backyard after school. Both brothers attended Catholic High in Baton Rouge but never played together.

The  Nola brothers made MLB history in Game 2 of the National League Championship Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Diego Padres on Wednesday.

The Nola brothers are also the sixth set of brothers to play against each other in a postseason series, and the first set of siblings to face off against one another in a pitcher-batter game.

In the 1997 ALCS, Roberto and Sandy Alomar Jr. became the most recent siblings to hit home runs in a World Series game for opposing teams.

The Nola brothers

In his career as a professional baseball player, Aaron Nola has competed against his brother Austin in only two games. Aaron struck his big brother twice on August 21, 2021, including once with a strikeout on three fastballs – 95.2 mph, 95.9 mph, and 96.2 mph – in a 4-3 Padres victory.

After that, Aaron presented his brother with the ball that had been used to record the strikeout as a Christmas gift.

Where Are Austin and Aaron Nola From?

The Baseball brothers, Austin and Aaron Nola are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Both brothers played college football at Louisiana State University.

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