Jeremy Hunt, a politician affiliated with the Conservative party, has a strong reputation in the political arena.

Here is everything you need to know about his wife, Lucia Guo, whom he has been married to for a number of years.

Who is Lucia Hunt?

Lucia Hunt, who is married to Jeremy Hunt, was born in 1978 and is from Xi’an, which is located in China.

She became a citizen of the United Kingdom after moving to the country. Lucia was a frequent guest on Sky TV’s China Hour, and she also hosted her own show called Signature Flowers of China.

The married couple established a company in the real estate industry under the name Mare Pond Properties Limited.

In the year 2019, Lucia was referred to as her husband’s “hidden weapon” after she witnessed the launch of his campaign to become the leader of the Conservative Party.

She gave him her backing once more when he launched his campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2022, but ultimately, he was eliminated in the first round of voting.

Where is Jeremy Hunt’s Wife Lucia Hunt From?

Lucia Hunt comes from the historic Chinese city of Xi’an, where her parents still reside. She traveled to England to further her profession, and as a result, she is now a British citizen.


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