Who Created NATO Cold War?

The NATO Cold War was created by twelve nations from Western Europe and North America On April 4, 1949.

Western Europe was economically depleted and militarily weak after World War II ended in 1945 (the western Allies had substantially decreased their armies at the end of the war), and newly prominent communist parties had emerged in France and Italy.

By 1948, communists under Moscow’s support had established their control of the governments of those countries and crushed all non-communist political activity, whilst the Soviet Union had emerged from the war with its soldiers dominating all of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Iron Curtain, coined by Winston Churchill, had dropped on Central and Eastern Europe.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was signed in Washington, D.C. on April 4, 1949, by twelve states from Western Europe and North America.

Article 5, which states that “an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be deemed an attack against them all,” is a major feature of this pact.

The coalition, on the other hand, was initially unprepared to carry out the duty of defending its territory.

There was no command structure to coordinate the entire defense of Western Europe, only committees – called “Regional Planning Groups”  charged with drawing up plans for the defense of respective districts, in addition to severe personnel and equipment shortages.




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