Who is Adama Kamara?

Adama Kamara is an accomplished local area advancement expert with expert abilities in local area commitment, organization improvement, awards organization, strategy, and program advancement. She has north of 15 years of experience working with non-profit, health, and neighborhood government associations in Western Sydney.

Adama Kamara Biography

Adama Kamara and her family were in Australia for her father’s university study when civil war broke out in her home country. Unable to return, Adama’s family sought asylum and became involved in sponsoring and supporting refugees displaced by Sierra Leone’s civil war to settle in Australia.

Adama Kamara Career

She has driven high-performing groups and has 10 years’ experience conveying and assessing place-based limit building programs. A backer for significant support, Adama has driven co-plan projects with youngsters, individuals looking for a haven, displaced people, socially and semantically assorted networks, and specialist organizations. One model is the multi-grant winning Refugee Camp in My Neighborhood project, which she started and has driven beginning around 2014.

Adama became the Co-Chair of the Sierra Leone Youth Group (SLYG), the primary youth-drove association in the Sierra Leone people group in Sydney. SLYG was shaped to react to the settlement needs of youngsters who had recognized difficulties getting comfortable in another country as helpful participants. SLYG facilitated social and sporting projects that helped with building informal communities and recuperating from the effects of the injury.

Adama later joined the STARTTS group, functioning as a bicultural instructor with recently showed up displaced people and as an undertaking official supporting arising African people group.

In January 2021, Adama Kamara joined the RCOA team and supported our work advocating for the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees.

Adama Kamara Children

Adama Kamara is the mother of an American football player, Alvin Kamara who plays for the New Saint Orleans in the National Football League (NFL).

Adama Karama Net Worth

Adama Kamara’s net worth has not been yet revealed publicly.


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