Justin Bieber a 27 year RnB/ pop artist based in America is one that has made a mark for himself. Fans of Bieber are called Beliebers. In recent years, Beliebers have been wondering whether Justin is now a father or not.

Rumors of Justin being a father spread when he posted of picture of himself and a baby girl on his social media page. Per our checks, Justin and wife Hailey do not have a child not to talk less of a daughter.

justin bieber with baby girl

Justin Bieber was born to Patricia Mallette and Jeremy has some of his step-siblings from his father’s side. One of such step-siblings was born in 2016 and Justin took to social media posting “My daughter…just kidding“. This got people talking as they speculated probably the child might be his but they later found out that truly it was a sibling.


Justin Bieber and Hailey with Iris
Justin and Hailey with baby Iris


Earlier this year Hailey Baldwin and Justin posted a picture of a baby on social media which got people talking. Checks later revealed that the child was that of Alaia Baldwin; Justin’s elder sister-in-law.

This caused Justin and Hailey to have a niece called Iris in their lives. The post on social media got Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson admonishing and wishing them to have babies in 2021.

According to Holly Wire News, friends of Bieber said: “he had wanted to enjoy his marriage a couple of years before having children”. 

We can only wish him the best…!


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